Student Experience

There's a lot more to Castilleja than what happens in the classroom. Enjoy a few of our favorite videos!

Welcome to the start of school!

We celebrate the first day of the school year (Opening Day) with a Tie Ceremony, a treat and dance party on the Circle after school, and lots of rejoicing and reconnecting with friends old and new. 

Middle School Fun

Middle Schoolers enjoy a fun evening on the Castilleja Circle!

ACE Organization Fair

Within the first two weeks of the year starting, the ACE Organizations fair allows students to entice their classmates to join a diverse range of co-curricular activities.

Spirit Week!

There’s no shortage of school spirit! In September, Spirit Week brings out friendly competition between classes and then concludes with the all-school Pep Rally. We cheer on our sports teams, hang out on the Circle, and catch up with friends.

Junior-Senior Ringing Tradition

"Ringing" is a much beloved tradition that takes place between the junior and senior classes. The anonymous junior (ringee) leaves small gifts and notes for the senior (the ringer) for several weeks before the big "reveal" occurs, at which time the ringee reveals their identity to the ringer.

Arts @ Casti

Castilleja’s Arts program is robust; from instrumental to choral music, from drawing and painting to photography to ceramics, from theater to dance, our arts teachers are passionate about using art to connect, inspire, and provide joy.

Celebrating International Women's Day

At Castilleja, every day is #internationalwomensday - but we’ll take any opportunity to celebrate the incredible women we know.

Celebrating Shakespeare's Birthday

The seniors in Castilleja's AP Shakespeare Seminar organized a party during break to celebrate Shakespeare's 455th birthday. Students enjoyed cupcakes, the seniors dressed in Shakespearean costumes, and Shakespearean Mad Libs. You might have overheard some Shakesperean insults, too! Lest we forget about pinning the lips on Kenneth Branagh...

Spring Music Concert

Castilleja's Department of Visual and Performing Arts presents the Spring Music Concert. Students from the music courses in grades 6-12 performed in the concert.